Aspen feeling loved on the Ranch

     From Tammy M. .......

"Our experience with having Aspen join our family has been an absolute delight!  From the moment I first saw her we knew the missing spot in our heart had been found ❤️.  Sharon, of Sirius Mini Aussies, went above & beyond to be sure all our questions were answered, and that the pup was a good fit for us!   Her passion and love for this breed is evident and flowing.  Professional but personable, honest, genuine & courteous is how I would describe her.

Our pup is healthy, vibrant, playful, with shining eyes and exuberant sweet expression.

Such a positive experience overall, and Aspen is a joy we adore always. 

I definitely would contact/recommend this breeder for anyone interested in the sensitive beautiful Mini Aussies!  You have their support and contact long after the check changes hands.

You won't be disappointed!💕"


Tammy & Dan McKenzie

High River AB

"Loving hands hold our hearts"

Thank you, Tammy, for your kind words, and for providing little Aspen 

with such a loving and perfect home!


Oakley in the Okanagan

From Paula H. .....

" From our first connection with Sharon 

at Sirius Star Mini Aussies we were confident that we had found our furever friend.  Sharon was kind, knowledgeable and informative.  The puppies were beautiful.  We were so excited to pick up our Oakley and Sharon did not disappoint.  Our experience was first rate right from start to finish with the result being a healthy, happy, well-adjusted puppy.  Sharon kept us well informed of Oakley's progress via video and photos throughout until we were able to pick him up.  Oakley is a wonderful puppy who is smart, funny, adventuresome and he sleeps through the night right from day one!  Sharon was super well organized and made Oakley's transition to our family seamless.  We would not hesitate to acquire another puppy from Sharon in the future.  Not only did we find our new little love but obtained a forever friend in Sharon.  Thank you Sharon for our beautiful Oakley!  "

Leland & Paula Hauser Penticton, BC 

Thank you, Paula and Leland, for your thoughtful comments, and for providing Oakley with his amazing life!!


Bernie living the best family life

"Sharon provided us with great knowledge and guidance as we investigated whether Bernadene would be the right pup for our family. I knew I loved the look and reputation of the breed but was unsure about dog ownership in general. None of us had ever owned a dog before. Sharon answered my endless questions with patience and groundedness. When we came out to meet Bernie it was instant love. She was everything Sharon said she was, healthy, strong, confident, cuddly, gentle and responsive. We've been delighted by her ever since! Sharon has continued to help us as we learn and grow with Bernie and I'm grateful that she takes such care to ensure we're all doing well. Thanks for your support in making our big decision Sharon! We are so happy with our sweet girl!" ~Sarah and John Laughton, Calgary, AB

Bernie at home in Calgary

Thank you Sarah and John for your expressive words, and thank you for providing bernie with the chance to be your chosen first dog! I was thrilled to help you with your new adventure of dog ownership, and am humbled that you chose our kennel for this exciting new chapter in your family's life!



Billy's happy place....

Back in late ‘22 I was visiting my friends family in Victoria BC. My friend has an adult  border collie and we would take him to the Dallas  dog park at least once a day. On one of these walks we met a gentleman that had a lovely little dog whose breed I was unfamiliar with. Turns out she was a senior Mini Aussie. I had never heard of a “mini” Aussie before. We spoke with him for a few minutes about his dog and the breed. Sounded pretty good. When we returned to the house we got right onto the iPad and googled Mini Aussie. Did some reading and looking at pictures and came to the realization that this could very well be the dog breed for me. They ticked all the boxes. A bit more research and we came across Sirius Star Kennels. I was sooo excited, so I had to wait 2 days before I could call and make inquiries. I’m so glad I finally did. Through several emails and phone calls talking to Sharon about the breed, about the Sire and Dam, and hearing Sharon's enthusiasm about the breed, and the love she has for her dog family and the pups they create pretty much convinced me that yes, I need a pup, and this is the person I want to supply me with one.....I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a month that went by and Sharon informed us that there were pups in the oven. And they would be born mid December. My excitement was off the charts. 

      When Sharon informed us that the pups were born and were all happy and healthy the realization of the reality of the situation began to sink in. I was soo excited. As the pups aged a bit and with Sharons photos that she sent to us and posted on her web page, I decided on which pup would be my first pick. It was Cicero, and my second was Billy. Of course Sharon said, nope, doesn’t work like that. Had to do an interview with her and she would do a little vetting. And so it was. A few weeks later she informed me that if I still wanted a pup, she felt that Billy would be the best fit for me. And ya, she nailed it. She’s quite the match maker. The little pup she sent into my life has been the most fantastic improvement in my life. He’s everything I could have asked for and so much more. 

     A little while later my friend decided she would like to adopt a pup too, after meeting Billy. So she called up Sharon to see if there were any left. There was. Cicero was still there. And turned out he was a good match for her, according to Sharon. Well she did it again. Cicero became Rico and he was the perfect match for my friend. Kind of funny that my pick was her match and her pick was mine.  Perfect.   

     We both love and cherish our pups almost as much as Sharon did. They have made very special places in our hearts and never cease to amaze us with they’re character, fun lovingness, ability to make us laugh uncontrollably, and their love for us. Amazing little dogs, with an amazing breeder. Thankyou so much Sharon. You have given us both a true gift of love. And it was such a special gift to go to your home to pick up “Rico”. And it was a special treat to see the reunion of Billy with his family. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou. 

Barry K. Terrace, B.C.

Thank you, Barry, for your great enthusiasm and for the beautiful bond that you have with Billy.... He is such a blessed little guy in the adventurous and loving life that you are providing him with. I love receiving your updates, and am thankful that your excitement about him encouraged Denise to also seek out a Sirius Star Mini American puppy.... It is such a pleasure having gotten to know you both. Enjoy your adorable boys!!         Sharon